Friday, April 30, 2010

This Writing Thing is Addictive

Notice that I did NOT say "addicting" because that is not a word. Anyone who uses that word deserves to have their brain pulled out through their nose and then be strangled with said brain.

Also, more work on the Novel tonight! Yay!! I only did 700ish words, but hey, that's still decent and almost 3 pages. I am making progress on the research front as well, though I think I need to talk to some nurses before I am able to develop one of the characters too much. If you happen to be a nurse, and don't mind me asking questions, can you leave a comment here with your info? Or tweet me @simplytena. Thanks! Same goes if you have any favorite mythology books that you'd recommend that deal with trickster and/or creator gods.

I think I need to quit playing Farmville. I was reading a recent post by a "real" author (see the Lakeshore link to the right) and realized that like him, the "need" to write is diminished when I play lots of computer games. I want the writing addiction, and I need to nurture that rather than worry about feeding some stupid computer dog or harvesting some not-real crops. Hm. Yeah. That also goes along with the philosophy in this house that once a game isn't fun anymore, then you should quit playing it.

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