Friday, July 27, 2012

Brain Purge Friday

(Cue movie announcer voice)

In a world, where a Prince is the Antichrist...where men are men and women are women...where chickens rise up against their oppressors and text messaging has all but destroyed the English language...Can one small girl beat the odds and win her local spelling bee?


Susie skipped slowly along the stream, silently supposing that slippery slime might be succulently supped upon with scaly snakes.


Coffee is the ambrosia of the modern day gods. Gods of dreamland excepted, of course. They especially enjoy a new "Refreshers" beverage, the energy source of which is differentfromcaffeinewepromise.


The muscle twitches. There are enough cells now that it can be called a muscle. Lymph flows, the organism grows, awaiting its destiny.

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